Skinny Jeans And Boot Cut Jeans What’s The Difference And Are Skinny Jeans Perfect For Everyone

Jeans are often described as casual wear but infact they were first invented for workwear and with today’s ever changing fashion jeans can now be worn dressed up for evening wear. There are many different styles and cuts of jeans from hundreds of designers and brands including Diesel, Armani, Miss Sixty, G Star, Wrangler and more. Two of the most popular cuts of jeans today are the boot cut and the skinny. Both cuts are quite different from each other for several reasons; here is a closer look at the bootcut and skinny style.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were first introduced to us in America in the 1960s worn by mostly women. They had a very diverse look to them where you could dress it up as casual wear like the girl next door or you could funk it up rock and roll style which was on the horizon and coming of age. Skinny jeans are just as the name suggests skinny all the way down your leg to the ankle. In the 1970s skinny jeans were the rockers most staple item of clothing, the skinnier the better, and the more of a rocker you were. Even through to the 80s skinny jeans were popular and so were leggings, with baggy oversized jumpers. It was only in the early 1990s that skinny jeans weren’t fashionable on the high street but still remained cool in music and rock n roll. It’s not until 2005/6 that skinny jeans become popular for the general public again, and now they are back they are really back. Everyone but everyone is wearing them, celebrities, music artists, and the general public.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans are different to skinny jeans in style because where skinny jeans are skin tight all the way up and down the leg boot cut jeans are skinny to the knee and then flare out a little to the ankle to make way for the boot. Mens boot cut differ in that they are fairly open all the way up and down the leg. The bootcut style was first introduced to the world by sailors who wore them as work wear, and the style was later adopted by the teen world of America. Still to this day boot cut jeans are one of the most popular styles of jeans.

What are skinny jeans? As the name suggests skinny jeans are very slim in their shape and appearance and hug the leg all the way down to the ankle. Skinny jeans have been around the fashion world since the 50s. For the last few years skinny jeans have made a big come back and they are now probably one of the most popular style of jeans for women. A big question that is asked fashion experts and style gurus is what style of jeans should a person be wearing for their body shape, and since skinny jeans are all the rage at the moment do they suit everyone’s body image?

Skinny jeans are fabulous and they look great but they aren’t for everyone. Due to the style of the skinny jean being ‘skinny’ to your leg all the way down to your foot this style of jean is not a good look for those of a very thin frame and of a heavier frame. Being very slim and wearing skinny jeans can make you look shapeless and stick like and so a boot cut or flare style is better suited for your body to give you more shape. The same applies to girls of a heavier frame, the skinny look doesn’t flatter your curves and shape; a boot cut style is better suited and will balance out your frame better. Skinny jeans are great if you have an in-between figure, because they won’t make you look too stick like nor will they make you look bottom heavy.

Skinny Jeans Outfits

A definite must when it comes to skinny jeans is to go baggy on the top half. Due to the legs being ‘skinny’ in shape you need to balance this out on top by wearing a baggy top or jumper. Wearing a tight little top with skinny jeans won’t work and the outfit will appear unbalanced, a baggy tshirt or top fits perfectly with this style of jean. If you think wearing baggy tops isn’t feminine enough you can glam up the outfit with long necklaces and sparkly bangles.