Swimwear And Different Kinds Of Swimwear

A swimwear or a bathing suit is a costume which is worn while swimming. Swimwear is made of waterproof fabric. Swimming suit is worn for water sports, water polo, diving, surfing, water skiing, beach and also kinds of water sports. These are available for men, women and kids.
Women swimwear is called one peace, bikini or thongs. Muslim culture does not allow women in their community to wear swimsuit. The latest innovation called the burgini is a swimsuit which is made for Muslim women. Full body swimsuits are also available which were used in olden days also.
Swimsuits for men are also found in many varieties, such as, g-strings, thongs, briefs or the Speedos, boardshots, jammers and swim trunks. Swimwear for men generally covers the lower body. Unitards are designed to reduce skin drag during competitive swimming. Another variety of same range is the Diveskin, these are special bodysuits for some kind of swimming. These have a thermal lining to it to give warmth and protection to skin from abrasion. Professional swimmers wear jammers or full body suits to protect their skin against any harsh thing. Many beauty pageants have swimwear rounds to judge contestants.
Rash guard is a kind of swimwear like an athletic shirt. It is made up of nylon and it also has UV protection against sun. Wet Suits are a close fitting garment made up of neoprene. These are also called as Dry suit. To build up swimmers endurance against high waves drag suits are worn over the swimsuit for protection.
One piece is most common and famous amongst the women swimsuit range. These are also known as Tank suit inspired from the design of tank top.
Bikini is a two piece suit which covers both the upper as well as the lower body. The waist area is not covered in this. Contrary, to this is the Monokini which covers only the lower body.
Swim briefs are common with men. These are also known as Speedos. These are made up of nylon. These styles vary from g- strings, to full seat to thong.
A mid thigh style swimwear is known as Trunks. This is very popular in the US. This is made up of either of polyester or nylon.
Swim jammers are worn by athlete swimmers. These are similar to cycling shorts.
Swimwears are available in all kinds and range. These are available from full body suit to one piece suit. Swimsuits come in loose fitting as well as tight fitting. Almost all comes with a second inner lining to protect the skin in case the first layer gets wet.