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Cosy men’s coats for cold seasons

When you were very small, winter was a time for bundling up in layers and layers of puffy anoraks and huge gloves and mittens so you could play in the snow unscathed, but that look is only cute on the under tens. This year, instead of turning yourself into a snowman-sized pile of jumpers and unflattering cosy coats, take a look at some of the fashionable alternatives that will keep frostbite at bay while leaving you looking great.

One of the best ways to stay warm is to choose outfits that have a lot of layers. Warm air becomes trapped between layers of clothes, so you’re better off wearing three fairly thin layers than you are smothering yourself in one big jumper. This means that you don’t have to choose the biggest, heaviest coat out there, you just have to think smart about what you’re going to wear underneath it instead.

Leather jackets are great for cold, nasty weather, especially if they are well-lined biker jackets. The tough outer layer means that it will withstand all kinds of rain and hail and will be great at cutting the chill factor out of any wind. However, if your leather jacket only has a very thin lining, you might have to work quite hard to keep the heat in on very cold days so you’ll need a jacket big enough to fit several layers underneath.

An alternative thats also great for rainy days is a wax jacket. A very UK kind of jacket, these were originally only worn by men who spent their spare time fishing and hunting, but the style soon moved onto the high street. Available in both straight and quilted styles, and typically in a muted green, these are very popular jackets that can offer some great practical warmth when it’s cold outside. Its also very handy if you tend to carry a lot of gear around with you as they typically have a lot of pockets, so you’ll find a place for your phone, your keys, a pen and anything else you might have on you.

Another excellent and stylish option for staying warm no matter what the weather is the classic pea coat. Based on a style once well loved by sailors in general and members of the navy in particular, pea coats have a very distinctive look characterised by their large lapels and double breasted fronts with large buttons. Tending to be quite thick and cosy and coming to under the hips, they are great for pairing with tight jeans and a pair of boots or study brogues for a winning winter look.

Whether classic mens pea coats or heavy leather jackets are your thing, remember that the most important thing is how you accessorise there’s no point wearing a cosy jacket if you’ve forgotten a hat and scarf. Wrap up warmly in simple, classic styles and lots of thin layers and you’ll be able to keep the cold at bay without looking like a kid.