Ted Baker No Ordinary Fashion Designer

From the United Kingdom comes a stylish clothing retail company that is consistently gaining popularity not just locally but also internationally. Ted Baker is a designer house that has been offering a strong line of well designed apparel and fashion accessories. Not only that, the brand is best known for its unique ability and expertise in integrating new twists and unconventional designs applied to its signature fashion products.

Ted Baker started as a retailer of men’s shirts in Glasgow. It was March 1988 when managing director Ray Kelvin started a store that lured fashionable men not just by the exquisite design and quality of shirts but also because of a unique promotional service that offered exclusive dry cleaning services for the shirts.

From then on, word of mouth has helped promote and boost the popularity of the store. Because of the unique shirt designs, the high quality of fabrics used and of course, the helpful and convenient dry clean services, Ted Baker in no time grew and has expanded to open stores in Manchester and Nottingham. The expansion to Covent Garden marked the formal aggressive growth of the company.

In mid 1990s, branching out of Ted Baker became inevitable. During the period, the brand also started catering not just to fashionable men. Apparel and accessories for women and kids have started being launched and marketed. Now, under the popular fashion house, people from all around the world are starting to enjoy the different feel and attitude provided by the name.

Across the UK, Ted Baker is currently being distributed through numerous stand-alone stores in London and in other key cities. The company has also commissioned several retailers, called Ted Baker Trustees, to help market and distribute its signature fashion products better.

As a sign of its aggressive expansion, Ted Baker is now operating stores across the rest of continental Europe, in the United States, in the Middle East and in the Australasian region. The brand is also active in the wholesale business, which cover New Zealand, Australia, the US, Norway, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, the British Isles and Belgium.

As for its important and flagship products, Ted Baker is enthusiastically continuing in its tradition to clothe the modern and vanity conscious men from the inside and out. Ted Baker is a men’s fashion line that is offering different models and designs of underwear, socks, swimwear, t-shirts and tops, trousers, suits, shirts, knitwear and denims. The brand also manufactures and distributes its own line of accessories like men’s watches, hats, belts, fragrances, cufflinks and bags.