Wella Color Charm Hair Color Review

Wella Color Charm is the latest addition to Wella’s leading hair care and coloring brand. Wella is an internationally renowned beauty product line and has been specializing in hair color for more than one hundred years, providing products to award-winning stylists at the worlds most glamorous salons. Wella is known for creating the most innovative colors and styles in the business, so its no wonder Wella created Color Charm, a refreshing new approach to hair coloring agents. This product ignites the imagination with its simple approach to hair coloring, making shade selection fast and easy.

With Color Charm comes the most revolutionary research and hair care technology available in the world. For instance, Wella Color Charm Hair Color introduces Liquifuse Technology, a bold new way to color hair. Liquifuse makes it possible for Color Charm hair dye to saturate, penetrate and fuse with hair. First, the dye saturates the surface of the hair. Then, it penetrates, going beneath the surface of the hair to the molecular level, forming a gel that keeps color in place. Finally, it fuses deep within the cortex of the hair, which guarantees longer lasting, richer, thicker color for any type of hair.

Wella is so confident in its newest product, the company guarantees Color Charm will make your hair appear 43 percent shinier than ever before with 100 percent gray coverage. Color Charm hair dye saturates each and every strand of hair, producing long-lasting true to tone color with a fragrant, floral smell. Wella never uses alcohol, ammonia or other harsh chemicals so your hair will always look, feel and smell fantastic!

Color Charm Hair Color organizes its shade range in a logical way, using a color-coded tonal family system. This system will help users quickly identify what hair color family they belong to and which color they need to use to achieve the look they are after. This makes shade selection easy. Wella Color Charm has five basic tones to choose from: natural, ash, gold, warm and red each color coded to better illustrate what each color represents.

Wella Color Charm uses an international level and tone system to make identification easy. Each box has a number and letter that will accurately determine what color hair will turn out once Color Charm is applied. This ensures logical and consistent shade selection so users can formulate colors with total confidence for perfect results every time they color your hair. What really makes color look gorgeous is actually the intensity of the color, not just the color itself. Recognizing this, they developed Color Charm Colors so women could accurately predict just how their own hair would react to different dyes.

According to Wella’s top-of-the-line scientific research, hair color results because of two factors one, the shade used; and two, the underlying pigment of the natural hair color. Hair is made of a number of pigments, which either have warm or cool tones. As hair is lightened, pigments are more exposed and appear to have a warmer tint. In addition to coded boxes, Wella Color Charm Hair Color has taken the guesswork out of hair coloring by identifying the Color Circle, another way women can identify exactly what color to use when they color their hair.