What Colors Are Most Slimming

Colors can have slimming effects, allowing people to have a better variety of clothing to choose from. The right colors and patterns can give you a better-looking figure. It’s important to carefully pick your colors to make sure that you have just the right look. You’ll be glad you decided to use the colors to your advantage. Stores like Land’s End and Boden have a variety of colorful, slimming outfits to choose from. Some slimming colors are listed below.


Black has been commonly chosen for its good slimming effects. Black camouflages the parts of the body that often make a person appear heavier. It also draws attention to the person as a whole, where some lighter colors attract unwanted attention to “problem” areas. You can easily pair a black garment with clothes and accessories of almost any color. Black pants or skirts work very well.


Bright crimson red offers a slimming effect. One of its advantages is that it draws attention upwards, away from typical problem areas. Crimson gives a leaner overall appearance. For the best look, pair a crimson top with a soft brown line skirt or pair of pants.


Turquoise is a popular color due to its unique shade. For the best effect, consider a turquoise top or tunic dress worn with a dark belt. Black pants and skirts look good with this, as do black tights. If you’re wearing a multi-colored top with turquoise in it, try wearing some turquoise jewelry.

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