What Do Women Do At A Bachelorette Party

Are bachelorette parties as racy as bachelor parties can sometimes be? What do women really do at bachelorette parties? As the celebration of the ending of a woman’s single life, anything goes at a bachelorette party. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a bachelorette party.

Plan well
The bride isn’t responsible for paying for anything for this party in her honor, so planning well will ensure a great night for everyone involved. Invite only close friends who mesh well together. Tonight is a night for fun, not drama. Secure a limo or van and a designated driver so everyone can ride together. This will enable everyone to drink and party as late as they like without worrying about safety. Depending on how much time you have, plan a string of activities you can do to celebrate the bride. Bachelorette parties don’t have to center around drunken, naked revelry. There is more to celebration than that.

Start with pampering
Load up the van or limo, but don’t tell your guest of honor where you will be going. Plan several stops along the way. Stop first at a spa where the party can have facials, massages, and makeup application for the night of partying to come. Make sure the bride gets the best the spa has to offer. Consider herbal or mud wraps, manicures and pedicures, or massage. Steer clear of detoxifying treatments or deep-tissue massage if there will be drinking later; too much detoxification plus alcohol can result in feeling ill. Next, take the bride shopping for a dress for the night ahead and for lingerie for later. Dress the bride as a vixen, and don’t take no for an answer. This is her last night as a free woman, and she’ll feel like a new woman in some tight jeans and new heels.

Eat, drink, and be merry
Next on the list should be dinner. Take the bride to a fun restaurant. This is where the bachelorette games should start. Create a list of activities the bride must complete to win a prize at the end of the night. Include items such as: get phone numbers from two guys, take off three items of clothing, remove your underwear without taking off your pants, flirt with the waiter, do a shot of Tequila, and any other naughty ideas you can come up with. The idea is to let the bride humiliate herself so much she’ll happily rush into her husband’s arms the next day. It is also a rite of passage, because flirting and the single life will soon be forgotten. Make sure to remain sober enough to police the bride’s activities; you don’t want her crossing any lines she’ll regret later.

After that, take the guest of honor to a club or dance hall. Yes, it can be a strip club, but viewing naked flesh isn’t a requirement. Urge the bride to continue that scavenger hunt. When she’s completed the whole thing, take a picture of her with the completed list and give her the prize she’s won. It should be equal parts gag gift and something to remember the night by. For instance, it could be a hangover cure and a charm bracelet with a charm for each meaningful stage she’s passed in her relationship with her husband to-be.

Cater the party to the bride’s wishes. You want her to be pleasantly surprised, but you don’t want her to regret any part of the evening. Police her happiness, and watch her have fun. Let it be a night she’ll never forget, and then watch her walk down the aisle and into her future.