What Is Pattern Making

The expansion of garment consists of different process. Therefore Fitting is the most essential factor leading to the final aspects such as approval or refusal of a garment. Therefore fitting must be designed into the original pattern through delicacy in the pattern that provides fullness quietly suitable position to hold body bulge in a suitable manner. Therefore well tailored fitting is reliant on the pattern sketching incorporate various shapes and size of the individual who buy a garments.

Therefore pattern making is kind of art which you can call a art of maneuver for giving shape to flat piece of fabric for matching curves of the figure of human body. You can also say that pattern making is a function that covers the gap between design and production. Therefore a outlining can be curved into a garment using pattern, which converts the design in the shape of the garment.

As when pattern is compared with the body it has big difference, as pattern is flat while body is not. As you know that body includes height, width and depth. With in this almost cylindrical structure there are a sequence of secondary curves and bulges, which is a main worry of the pattern maker.

There are three type of methods used for making patterns such as Draping, drafting and flat paper pattern making.

In drafting process it engage measurements which consist of size or accurate measurements taken on a person, dress and according to body structure. As before drafting a measurement a measurement is taken of upper body, waist and hip, and then this size is marked on paper after that construction lines are drawn to complete the pattern. Therefore you can say that drafting is basically used for creating foundation or design patterns on the garments.

Then comes Draping in draping thing that involve are two dimensional piece of fabric around a shape, in compliance to its shape, generating a three-dimensional fabric pattern. Then this muslin is transferred to paper to be used as a final pattern the biggest benefit of draping is that the designer can assume the overall design effect of the finished garment on the body before cutting and sewing the garment. Therefore when it is compared with flat pattern its very costly and time consuming.

Flat pattern making engage a basic pattern, which is used according to a persons basic …..Read More