Women Can Effectively Manage Work And Home

Women are more dexterous and dynamic when it comes to managing office work and house chores. They have assignments to complete at work despite having a sick child at home, check their childrens school work, handle several concurrent tasks at the office, create a good atmosphere at home and manage household chores. At the start, women are energetic and bustling with vim and vigor but after a while, it can become exasperating and difficult to maintain such a hectic schedule. She will feel the effects creeping into her and she may start responding in a negative manner.

Balance your work

Multitasking is common among women. They have to handle concurrent tasks such as taking care of the child, cooking and cleaning the house. This is just the house work and can become more complex once you include their office work, such as taking calls, making reservations, typing letters and attending to office visitors. Women get accustomed to this scenario but when it starts turning to stress and tension, and then its time to call a halt to the multifarious activities. Take stock of the work you do at home and see if you can delegate it to other people or set a more relaxed schedule to handle it. Cleaning the house can be done by house help. It may be cheaper to hire help rather than exert yourself to the extreme. You can use the time to handle other house chores more effectively or use the time to bond with your family. Relaxing and taking it easy is a good way to get rid of your stress and tension.

People have to eat regularly and cooking food can be a tedious daily chore. Use the week end to cook all the food you need for the week. Its easier to do all your cooking at one sitting. Work out the menu for the week and cook the food one at a time. Washing pots and pans are also done during one sitting and can save a lot of time during the weekdays. It feels good coming home from work and not having to slave over an oven cooking dinner for the family.

Talk to your spouse about splitting the house work. There are house chores that require some strength and can be easily handled by the man rather than a woman. Set up car pools with your neighbors if they have children going to the same school. You can also make arrangements with a shuttle or school bus. Do an inventory of the house chores and prioritize them based on frequency. There may be chores that can be done weekly or monthly. Some chores like spring cleaning or putting up storm windows are seasonal. Set a calendar so you dont miss out on the chores. Once you stop doing a chore, there is a tendency to forget about it and it may completely slip your mind.

If you handle your daily routine well, there will not be any stress or tension in completing the work. Try to keep the work to the basic essentials. Allocate a certain number of hours for your house work. Remember you have to get ready and go to office so time management is vital in your chores.

Handling tension

Stress and tension can be motivators in getting the jobs done. A person will react and finish their work if they know there is a deadline. Knowing that the boss is expecting the reports first thing in the morning can make a person work extra hard to get the job done on time. If their children have exams, they will take extra time to review them and make sure they understand their lessons. Tension can rise high because children do not realize the importance of the exams and might not have the same concern in studying for it. The woman has to exert more effort to get the children to study their lessons rather than play and watch television. The husband can play an active role in making sure the children do their assignments.

When stressed out, take it easy for a few moments. Take a breather and relax for a while. Clear your mind and keep calm. Once you are relaxed, you will be in a better position to review your problems and work out solutions to them. If things start piling up at the same time, list down all the things that are pending and determine their priorities. People expect you to do all the tasks but there is only so much that can be done concurrently. The other tasks will have to be settled sequentially. Keep your energy up. Take small meals frequently during the day. This will help keep out the hunger pangs and keep your energy level high. Keep careful watch over your health. Maintaining a healthy well being is essential in keeping pace with the hectic work in the office and at home. Perform regular exercises to keep in shape.

Keep a list of the chores in your leather briefcase in an organized and orderly manner. You can refer to them every time you are at a loss on what tasks have to be done at home. Keep your office papers neatly in your briefcase. When you get to office, you will have an easier time settling down and starting your office work with all your office work neatly filed in the briefcase.

Take time to go shopping and spend a day at the spa. There are instances when you simply have to stop your hectic work and just take time off to relax and take it easy.