Lingerie – Just Fancy Underwear

Have you ever wondered what the difference between lingerie and underwear is? Let’s start with lingerie. When one hears the word ‘lingerie’, one thinks of beautiful models strutting their elegant torsos up and down the catwalk in very high heels wearing the skimpiest piece of fabric covering the bare essentials. Or they think of female singers rolling around on satin sheets belting out the next number one hit. Lingerie is a sexy term used for something that every woman has to endure everyday: underwear.

Lingerie is given to girlfriends or fiances as gifts for Valentines’ Day, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries of the day they shared their first kiss. The same girlfriends or fiances purchase it to impress their beau on a tropical island holiday or snowy cabin getaway. These bras, pants, corsets and teddies are used to impress. They come in a myriad of enticing colours, from bold and daring reds and blacks through to soft and feminine pastels. The materials used in their production include satin, silk, and Lycra, and are adorned with fur, feathers, bows, boning, lace and animal print.

The price of the garment seems to correlate to the amount of material used, how long it lasts and the amount one can see through the material The more valuable pieces have the least amount of the two former properties and more of the latter one.

One washes it in a delicate’s bag, hanging them on the line in order to prove in front of their family and friends that they have the bodies to wear it and the partners to wear it for.

Underwear, on the other hand, is thrown on stage at Tom Jones and Cliff Richard concerts. Housewives, mothers and grandmothers who purchase it themselves for practicality wear it. One uses it to suck in, push up, flatten out or hold in place. No sexy colours or material in this range: nude, black or white is preferred. It is thrown in the wash and hung in the middle of the line, being hidden by jeans and tracksuit pants. Lingerie is one sacrifice all women make eventually in order to live a happy life.