Silver Jewelry Vs Gold Jewelry Pros And Cons

Silver jewelry has always been the traditional favorite of the Americans and more so because of its subtle charm and its ability to match any changing trends in fashion. This holiday the sales of silver jewelry at the Tiffanys have been 7.2% more than that in the year 2009. Silver is much appreciated and preferred over gold, majorly due to its market value. The affordability silver provides is incredibly practical for most families in the U.S. On the contrary, gold jewelry is a piece of magnificence created in a precious metal of incredible value. The gold prices are soaring high and there is a lot of controversy on the resale value of gold in the coming years.

If you see it in the fashion point of view, gold jewelry adds in the bling factor to your fashion or style statement but to carry off this piece of precious metal jewelry one needs to take extra care of the styles they match this look with. For instance, there are only a few colors that work along well with gold. Since gold gives the grandeur impression on the onlookers, the fabric colors of the dresses worn along with them must be characterized by subtle hues that contrast the glorious shine of gold jewelry. On the other hand, while most colors go well with silver jewelry, there are only a few that do not go very well like shades of yellow and brown.

Gold is the most tarnish-free, ductile and malleable metal that remains strong even in the form of thin gold wires. However, this is not the case if the gold jewelry is of a lower karat value and is mixed with higher proportions of other metals. Once bought, the charm and shine of the gold jewelry persists for years to come without undergoing much change. The same cannot be said about silver jewelry. Also, depending on the other metal alloys used to make silver jewelry, there are higher probabilities of the tarnish or an oxidized coat to transfer to your skin causing dark colored patches on skin. Gold on the other hand in some of the purest forms like 24K, 22K or 18K of the highest quality devoid the skin of any allergic or pigmentation problems.

In conclusion, the resale value of silver in the current times is much higher than gold and so is the wallet factor on them. Gold can add eons of dazzle and charm to your personality but has limited use since they do not go along with every type of fashion, on the other hand, silver jewelry not only is versatile when it comes to its appearance and how well it matches ones clothes or other accessories they look great with any additional parts embedded like colorful precious stones.